The shocking truth behind the man used in the fake ID

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August 31, 2012 by soniauwimana

In the Group of Experts’ most recent compendium of whatever they could get their hands on , we know that they included a fabricated RDF ID as proof that Rwandan military were engaged in the eastern DRC.  We also know that they claimed that fresh graves at Kanombe proved Rwandan complicity in the M23 rebellion when it was easily established that several burials took place during the preceding month, including the day before Hege’s team visited the cemetery.

But now we know more.  Much more.

The man featured in the fake ID — the so-called RDF officer caught red-handed in the eastern DRC — is Captain Saddat Janvier.

Captain Saddat was integrated into the FARDC as a former CNDP officer in 2009.

His FARDC ID number is #166964208920.

He was arrested as a potential mutineer and imprisoned in Kirumba/Butembo after serving as Company Commander within the 807th regiment, 1st Batallion, C Company.

Captain Saddat had been serving under Colonel Bisamaza (Regiment Commander in Mutwanga, Beni).

The reason Captain Saddat’s true identity has been revealed is that some FARDC officers were disgusted by the treatment at the hands of his captors and the subsequent manipulatuon of his identity.  These voices of dissent were ignored, first by their superiors and then by the Steve Hege’s Group of Experts who instead decided to use Captain Saddat as the face of RDF complicity.

I have received reports that Captain Saddat was beaten and tortured.



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