Rwandans. Africans. Ask yourself this.

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September 1, 2012 by soniauwimana

Take these two events from last week….


One hundred people gather on the steps of the International Criminal Court in The Hague to support a legal petition against President Paul Kagame of Rwanda.  That’s right. One hundred. More people are waiting in line at your nearest Starbucks right now.

It is impossible to imagine a less substantive case, or a more flagrant act of hollow showmanship.

There is no case against Kagame.  Everyone knows that, including the 100 protestors and their publicity-hungry legal team. A legal team led by a man called Christopher Black, a Marxist-Leninist from Toronto who has made a profession out of staging exactly these sorts of stunts.

Before taking up the non-case against Rwanda, Black served legal papers against NATO for its humanitarian intervention in Libya.  To Black and his comrades, getting rid of Gadhaffi was a war crime and represented the illegal ouster of a great socialist hero.

This is what Black also believed of Slobodan Milsoevic, the Butcher of Belgrade, who he defended as the chief legal advocate in the Committee to Save or Protect or Defend Him.  He attacked NATO’s intervention to prevent the further slaughter of thousands of Muslims as a criminal act of rampant imperialist.

Christopher Black praised the regime of Assad in Syria as the only Arab government tough enough to stand up for Palestinians against the US/Israel/Zionist conspiracy — and he did so in an article published THIS MONTH.  While Assad’s henchman kill Syrian innocents with impunity and shock the world.

Little surprise that Black has sided time and again with genocidaires at the ICTR and believes the 1994 genocide against Tutsi is, in his own words, “a myth”.

In short, Christopher Black is a deranged, fringe-dwelling, placard-waving, slogan-shouting lunatic.  Using the cover of his legal qualifications, he attempts to create the veneer of seriousness by issuing meaningless but symbolic legal proceedings.  This what Black and his cohorts do for a living.

And this is what he and 99 others were doing at the Hague last week.

And people like Black do this every day, in front of Parliaments and courthouses, on street corners and in public parks.   They think that fluoride is poisoning us, or that the Jews control the international finance system, or that 9-11 was an inside job or that Obama was born in Kenya, or aliens are about to invade or the world is about to end.


It was revealed that a Group of Experts appointed by the UN Secretary General who have the power to persuade countries to withhold millions in aid funding from Rwanda was presenting demonstrably false and, in at least one case, fabricated evidence to the Sanctions Committee of the United Nations Security.

  • In the first case, it has been shown how they claimed the existence of fresh graves at Kanombe military cemetery proved that recently deceased soldiers must have been killed in the DRC since there have been no military casualties that could explain such graves since March.  This, as we have established beyond any question, is simply false. Not only have there been three burials at the cemetery in the days leading up to the Group of Experts visit to Kanombe, one such ceremony took place the day before — less than 24-hours before — their visit.  The presentation of fresh graves as proof of anything is, at the very least, false and incredibly misleading. More likely, it reflects the entrenched bias of the Group whose leader, Steve Hege, has a record a mile long of antipathy towards Kigali and sympathy towards its enemies.
  • In the second case, the same experts claimed that entire battalions of Rwandan troops have marched into the DRC and, as evidence, they produced a single ID card of someone they claimed in an RDF solider (where is the container-loads of physical proof that must exist if such troop movements actually occurred?).  It turns out that not only do such ID cards not event exist within the RDF and haven’t for almost a decade, and not only did the fabricated ID contain a glaring spelling mistake, but the person featured is a FARDC solider who was integrated into the Congolese Army from the CNDP in 2009.  We even got his FARDC serial number, name, rank and most recent commanding officer.  It is a total, demonstrable, irrefutable case of forged evidence used by the Group of Experts under their apparent modus operandi of  “whatever hurts Rwanda will do”.

Ask yourself this:  why did the first story generate a wave of media attention, including a lengthy Associated Press article, in the West and the second has been completely ignored by every single mainstream media outlet?

How is the bleating of a professional protestor about a non-existent, go-nowhere legal stunt more newsworthy than the formal presentation of forgeries and falsehoods to a UN body by a group of experts they have appointed?

I spent a lot of time studying journalism and how the media is supposed to work.

There is no logical reason why Case One wasn’t completely ignored and Case Two wasn’t on the front page of the New York Times.

If you can think of a reason, please let me know.  I am as confused as hell.


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