Before launching into more unspecified accusations, DRC bizarrely pleads for GoE safety

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September 5, 2012 by soniauwimana

When Kinshasa got word that Rwanda was finally getting a chance to present its side to the UN Security Council, they immediately demanded equal time and no-one had the heart to say no.

After Rwanda’s impeccable and eloquent FM Louise Mushikiwabo blew the UNSC away with her detailed and compelling presentation, a small battalion of DRC officials filed into the Security Council led by their own FM Tshibanda.

What was his opening gambit?

Come on…guess!

According to people in the room, Tshibanda opened his lengthy presentation with a plea for…

….peace and stability in the eastern DRC?


….the wellbeing of thousands of displaced citizens?

Wrong again!

FM Tshibanda opened with a plea for the safety of the six members of the Group of Experts who he claimed was being threatened and spied on by those evil Rwandans!

Threatened when exactly, how exactly and by whom exactly?

Well, if you expect actual evidence to support outrageous claims, you haven’t been paying enough attention.

When it comes to the Congolese on this whole matter, assertions are more than enough — and the more strident the assertion, the more valid the claim.

The amped-up piling on of accusations is to be expected from the DRC delegation given they have nothing concrete to offer. But what does this latest paranoid claim about GoE security tell us about the relationship between DRC officials and the experts?

Hege has apparently confided concerns about “Rwandan threats” to Kinshasa without ever mentioning it to Rwanda or their UN employers. Why would he do this? Isn’t it fairly clear evidence of bias, collusion and a kind of shared pathology of Rwandaphobia that presents us as diabolical, shadowy and threatening?

Why would Tshibanda speak on Hege’s behalf in this way?

Like everything else about this whole exercise, the DRC’s “concerned” intervention against imagined threats on behalf of Hege and colleagues stinks.


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