The Problem With Lying

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September 7, 2012 by soniauwimana

The second biggest problem with lying, after the moral question, is that it you have to permanently remember the lie in order to avoid getting caught or keep adding other lies to keep the original lie afloat. The truth, on the other hand, takes care of itself. Which is why I thought it was now worth reviewing the status of the BIG LIE — that Rwanda is an active aggressor in the DRC. Here it is. According to Rwanda’s accusers, the RDF is recruiting stray villagers and training them at Kanombe Military Barracks and collecting them at Amahoro Stadium on Independence Day, after which time they are transported to the border and instructed to walk into the Congo and fight alongside M23. Meanwhile, some other part of the RDF, perhaps not communicating with the “recruitment and training of random village dudes division”, are simultaneously deploying ENTIRE battalions of men directly across the border, fully uniformed, armed and equipped with a form of ID that hasn’t existed since 2003, is in the wrong language and contains a spelling mistake. These incursions are so ruthlessly efficient that they leave not a single trace of physical evidence in their wake, apart from one of the IDs in question, except that it turns out that that belongs to a Captain in the Congolese Army. Don’t forget: all this military action is being conducted by, among others, Jacques Nziza, the chief bureaucrat at the Defence Ministry, who has apparently been successfully cloned since 114 meetings took place in his presence in Kigali while he was directing battle hundreds of miles away. There. Simple.


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