The UK Telegraph’s Silly, Discredited, Hysterical Editorial

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September 7, 2012 by soniauwimana

The UK Telegraph has written a very stupid editorial the UK aid decision. So damn sloppy. I won’t link to it, but here is a link to my response, which is also what I republished here:

This is a profoundly silly and hysterical editorial.  First, “bloodstained rebels”?  Are you referring to African militia generally here, or are you making claims specific to the M23 group?  If the former, it is simply racist stereotyping; if the latter, you haven’t been paying attention.  Even the UN chief on war crimes, Stephen Rapp, recently admitted that M23 has not engaged in anything close to war crimes.  They are a mutiny, sure, but they are not engaging in acts of violence against innocent civilians and have maintained a one-month plus ceasefire with respect to hostilities against the Congolese army who, along with MONUSCO, has decided it needs to wipe them off the face of the planet, including through the use of UN-owned helicopter gunships deployed against M23 while they remain immobile in Syria.  But, fundamentally, the arguments asserted here as an absolute fact are a series of  highly questionable and, in many cases, disproven propositions.Once again, the Telegraph has not been paying attention.  For example, you claim that Kigali is providing arms. Which arms exactly?  Please name them.  The truth is the weaponry named as proof of Rwandan involvement has turned out to be in the Congolese arsenal according to the UN’s own reports in 2008 and 2009. And Rwanda “funding” M23?  On what possible basis does the Telegraph make this claim?  Not even the discredited UN report contains anything close to proof of financial support.  It is clear that the editorial writers has chosen not to, or refused, to read Rwanda’s rebuttal to the UN’s original claims which now look extremely tattered, not to mention compromised by the now-uncovered bias of its coordinator who we now know has an ideological hatred of the Kigali as powerful and blinding as whomever wrote this shoddy, error-riddled editorial.


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