LEAKED BUDGET: @HRW Latest #Rwanda Slam Comes in at Under 20K


September 11, 2012 by soniauwimana

Since anti-Rwanda momentum has stalled in recent days, Empire State Building residents Human Rights Watch have again inserted themselves into the debate with another elaborate work of fiction. Of course, I won’t link to because it’s just an obvious fabrication that will only offend you. Suffice to say it’s one of those reports that makes anyone who knows anything about this part of the world roll their eyes and laugh out loud for several minutes.  A hundred/thousand/million witnesses say this and that.  Listen up, white people: for the right incentive, you can find people in Goma to pass a lie detector test telling you the world is run by a secret coven of giant unicorns who live on Pluto and vacation on Uranus.

Luckily, this time a disgusted HRW insider has leaked to me the detailed budget for this latest piece of Ken Roth propaganda.


One thought on “LEAKED BUDGET: @HRW Latest #Rwanda Slam Comes in at Under 20K

  1. bideri ishuheri nyamulinda says:

    Surely, for sane people, it is very difficulty to understand the kind of benefits these people are getting by fueling conflict between the two sister states of Rwanda and DRC, and the tangible gains they get by smearing Rwanda. Every normal person knows that what these people do and say cause more harm and sufferings for the people in the region and Africa at large. I am sure 100% they are working for the Devil and nobody else! Unfortunately they forget that Rwandan people have gone through more difficulty times but prevailed, thus even this time and evermore they will see Rwanda and her people remain unshaken. Viva Rwanda and Viva Africa!

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