Of course the UN wants the #ICGLR regional solution to fail! #Rwanda

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September 11, 2012 by soniauwimana

A person who is surprised that the UN peacekeeping honcho is pouring cold water on the efforts of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) must be the kind of person who is easily startled. Bloomberg published a story to that effect this morning, quoting Hervé Ladsous, the UN head of peacekeeping operations.

It is obvious — beyond merely obvious but as clear as crystal-clear crystal — that the United Nations does not just want the ICGLR process to fail; if it didn’t fail, its failure to do so would be an unmitigated disaster for the UN. This is the body, after all, who are spending USD$1.3 billion annually on a 12 year-old debacle of a peacekeeping force made up of gem stealing sex fiends. If it turns out that the region can take care of itself, full extent of its MONUSELESSNESS would finally become impossible to ignore.


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