A retort: A letter to the World Bank on @HRW and #Rwanda

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September 20, 2012 by soniauwimana

What you see below is in response to this letter released today by Human Rights Watch.  WARNING: It may bring on mild nausea.

Mr. Makhtar Diop
Vice President for Africa
World Bank
1818 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20433 USA

Cc: Ms. Carrie Turk, Country Manager, Rwanda
Board of Executive Directors

Re: Concerns About Human Rights Watch and Rwanda

Dear Vice President Diop,

A little bird tells me that a certain Empire State Building resident has sent you a letter demanding that you take heed of their dire concerns about my country and, furthermore, take time from your busy schedule to meet with them personally so they can thrust their face into yours and lecture you loudly about Rwanda.  The correspondent was Jessica Evans from Human Rights Watch who, judging by her name, is neither Rwandese nor from anywhere in the vicinity.  In fact, when I did a Google search for “Jessica Evans Rwanda” the only result was the letter in question which, of course, Human Rights Watch published online because, as always with them, a letter is not a letter, a report is not a report, a memorandum is not a memorandum; every single thing emanating from their office, big or small, short or long, is a media release.  Jessica Evans is therefore clearly no more an expert on Rwanda than I am on her.

And yet, this ignorance notwithstanding, she presumes to correspond with you, insisting that you deprive my fellow citizens of the many and varied services and opportunities funded one way or another by the World Bank in Rwanda.  She does so based on reports her own organisation has fabricated. This is analogous to nominating oneself for a Nobel Peace Prize which, by the way, we would not put past Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch will stop at nothing until they have bullied every last white person into submission on the question of Rwanda.  They will do so in full knowledge that most such people are not equipped with the requisite tools to understand, as every single Rwandan does, that Human Rights Watch peddles nothing but lies about our country.  Their antipathy towards Rwanda, derived it seems from the peculiar pathology of its long-serving overlord Ken Roth, is so extreme that they have long since surrendered any intellectual integrity on the subject and instead engage purely in polemics and hysteria.  Their animus towards Rwanda has come to justify any number of sins: the production of fabricated evidence out of thin air; the deliberate and mischievous distortion of context; impugning of motives; paying witnesses; excluding anything that doesn’t suit their predetermined narrative; outright and relentless lying.

I therefore request that you summon all the apathy you can muster and ignore Ms Evans’ vile letter wholeheartedly.

Kind regards

Sonia Uwimana,

Citizen of Rwanda


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