Why AFP had little choice but to make up a more interesting version of what the EU did on #Rwanda

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September 25, 2012 by soniauwimana


The spokesman for Catherine Ashton, the sort of Foreign Minister of the European Union, is called Michael Mann, but I suspect he is not the filmmaker Michael Mann who directed, among many other less fabulous movies, Heat, where he harnessed the explosive starpower of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro both at the peak of their careers.  Great film. Classic. You should see it.

But this other Michael Mann is just a Brussels-based PR guy at the EU and this morning he was involved in something of a kerfuffle because he decided to have a chat to an unnamed AFP reporter about the rather inconsequential decision by the EU not to take certain decisions about future aid to Rwanda in light of the evolving controversy with the DRC and pending some reassurances from Rwanda about taking a constructive role in finding a solution, blah-di-di-blah.

Now, this is perhaps the least surprising thing I have heard since Ricky Martin came out of the closet.  The European Union, an institution under more financial pressure than a homeless person with a gambling problem (pictured) and made up of sanctimonious but unimportant countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden, have chosen to defer a discussion about aid disbursements to Rwanda in future years. Wow.  Really?  I mean, I am surprised they are not giving themselves aid and development assistance. And let’s be crystal clear: this is hypothetical future money that Rwanda has never assumed it would get and hasn’t budgeted for.  Because that would be like, well, depending on a loan from a homeless person with a gambling problem (pictured).

So this is the story in a nutshell: a broke institution has decided not to decide anything about spending money it probably does not have to a recipient who does not expect it in the first place. 

No wonder AFP just made up a whole different story about EU suspending aid to Rwanda, even though they did no such thing.  The truth wasn’t news.


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