“The EU aid to #Rwanda has not been suspended”: What the EU itself says about its decision to defer decisions about hypothetical future aid

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September 26, 2012 by soniauwimana


Press guidance from the EU Delegation to Rwanda


The EU aid to Rwanda has not been suspended


The EU is firmly committed to its partnership with Rwanda in working to eradicate poverty in the country. Rwanda deserves credit as one of the few Least Developed Countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals target by 2015.

Therefore, the EU will continue its aid programme to Rwanda, implementing its existing projects designed to help the poor, including budget support. However, some new decisions concerning additional budget support have been put on hold.

In light of the current conflict in eastern Congo, the EU takes seriously the allegations contained in the report of the Group of Experts of the UNSC Sanctions Committee and needs more time to assess these allegations. Therefore, some new decisions concerning additional budget support have been delayed pending the clarification of Rwanda’s role in the conflict and its constructive engagement in search of solutions.

The EU expects Rwanda to act constructively to build a peaceful and lasting solution in the eastern DRC. By its declarations and actions, Rwanda should demonstrate its commitment to removing the threat to the people of the region from M23 and that it wants a peaceful solution in eastern DRC.

We welcome Rwanda’s active role in the reactivation and extension of the joint verification mechanism of the borders between DRC and Rwanda, which started on 14 September. This is a constructive step in building confidence and working towards a lasting peace.

We welcome the regional engagement through the ICGRL and encourage further direct contacts between the Presidents of DRC and Rwanda. As part of the overall solution to the problems in eastern DRC, it is important that Kinshasa also deliver further reforms of governance and the security sector.


 Kigali, 26 September 2012


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