What the UN Communiqué on the Eastern #DRC should really say


September 26, 2012 by soniauwimana



Communiqué on Building Peace in the Eastern DRC

Singed at NEW YORK on the TWENTY-SEVENTH day of SEPTEMBER, 2012. 

ACKNOWLEDGING the presence of the United Nations peacekeeping forces MONUSUCO in the region for 13 years;

NOTING the annual cost of the MONUSCO peacekeeping force leaves little change from USD$1.5 billion;

CONCEDING that MONUSCO’s complete failure to secure any kind of peace or stability in the eastern DRC is an unassailable fact;

And RECOGNIZING that MONSUCO’s failure is such that the people of the region have come to call it MONUSELESS;

This special Summit on the Great Lakes region hereby RESOLVES to:

ALLOW the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) to pursue its current course of action which has already delivered a cease-fire of almost two months in duration;

ACKNOWLEDGE that regional member-states are far better equipped and motivated to secure a sustainable peace than MONUSCO which, let’s be honest, has an institutional interest in unyielding chaos;

ADOPT the exact posture of the African Union Peace and Security Council who, after all, represent a continent that no longer needs to be treated like naughty foster children;

REFUSE to grandstand in the media for the purposes of pandering to human rights organisations or other non-state actors with whom we frequently attend dinner parties and gallery openings in New York;

FUND the operations of the ICGLR force by allocating them 10 percent of MONUSCO’s annual budget as a gesture of long-overdue humility and goodwill;

TAKE a back seat when it comes to lecturing the Great Lakes region how to conduct its affairs given the relentless failure of our institution since 1994 when we ignored specific and repeated warnings of the coming genocide in Rwanda, and the aftermath whereupon we allowed our refugee camps to become havens for genocidaires who openly plotted the resumption thereof.  



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