.@dreynders, @eliodirupo and Belgium’s Bizarre White Man’s Burden Pitch on #Rwanda & #DRC

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September 27, 2012 by soniauwimana


King Leopold, conqueror of Central Africa, epic asshole

Word around the United Nations is that the Foreign Minister of Belgium, Didier Reynders, is incredibly frustrated that his funny little country’s former colonial holdings, Rwanda and the erstwhile Belgian Congo, appear not to need his intervention to solve the current crisis in the DRC.   A failed wannabe PM, Reynders clearly sees the DRC crisis as a means to establish his hitherto unacknowledged greatness: a UN official described this memorably to me as “legacy shopping”Aie.

But Reynders is not alone.  Staggeringly, the Belgian PM has joined this unlikely colonizers’ chorus.  Moments after the High Level Meeting on the Eastern DRC today, Elio Di Rupo, went on UN radio to offer his country’s hand of healing:

He said his government is ready to work to restore trust between the countries in the region…

Pardon? Quoi?

The Belgian government — a government that was formed after more than a year of not being able to form a government due to chronic political dysfunction— wants to swoop back into central Africa and save us savages from ourselves and each other.

If you were Belgium, wouldn’t you say or do absolutely anything but what these people are saying and doing?

Can they even hear themselves speak?


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