The problem with trying to engage with #Rwanda-haters is they are (a) humorless and (b) not especially bright.


October 1, 2012 by soniauwimana

There’s some anonymous troll who comments on this blog. He or she writes really laboriously so I don’t recommend wading into her comments unless you feel up for the slog.

His or latest argument is to say that my use of Ntaganda as an example of journalistic midconduct somehow proves Rwanda’s involvement in the eastern DRC. Let me try at least to glean some logic here: because I, a Rwandan national, takes issue with the false assertion by Western media that Bosco Ntaganda is the leader of the M23 rebel group, this establishes that I care about who the leader of the M23 rebel movement is; and ergo, since I, a Rwandan national, care about it, my government must be supplying the aforementioned group with arms and logistics support.

Got that?

Let me deal with the underlying issue.

Nothing interests me less than what Bosco Ntaganda does for a living. He could be a suburban accountant or Reiki therapist for all I care.

My only concern is that white journalists are so lazy and sensationalist when it comes to my region and continent that they are more than happy to spread narrative-enabling falsehoods. If you are reading honestly, it will be clear to you that the leadership of M23 is not at issue; the lying about it is.

This commenting troll seems to think that caring about the truth equates to my whole government backing M23. He or she also thinks my blog is like Fox News, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Oh, how I wish for more formidable, less silly, foes!


4 thoughts on “The problem with trying to engage with #Rwanda-haters is they are (a) humorless and (b) not especially bright.

  1. Mass Ornament says:

    Wow, a whole blog post! Just to clarify, did you mean white journalists or Western journalists? Do non-white, Western journalists also get put in the category of “lazy and sensationalist” when it comes to covering Africa?

    I await your critiques of white/Western (?) journalists covering African countries besides DRC and Rwanda with bated breath!

    • Mass Ornament says:

      PS: On “America-centric” references, I simply thought they’d constitute some common ground since we have both spent time there (you’ve even adopted their spelling!).

      • Mass Ornament says:

        PPS: Kudos on another post full of insults! Why don’t you try first writing what you feel, then re-read it and see if you can say the same thing without having to resort to attacks that don’t address the argument.

      • soniauwimana says:

        So you seriously expect me to take writing lessons from you?

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