Have you guys followed @RwandaKIRI yet? (And my little crack at @PSJones01) #Rwanda

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October 2, 2012 by soniauwimana

There is a bunch of young (younger than me!) Rwandans in Kigali and abroad who are collaborating on this media accountability project called Rwanda: Keeping it Real Initiative.  It’s an awesome concept — and they are showing signs of really making a difference already.  But these young ones are much too polite for me.

Their modus operandi is to target inaccurate or context-free reporting about Rwanda, particularly from my good friends in the Western press, and they do so by asking very nice questions to try and understand what motivates the journalists, where they get their underlying assumptions from, etc.  So nice and polite. Not my style at all. But everyone who believes social media can revolutionize media coverage of poor countries should follow @RwandaKiri on Twitter as well as on their blog.

Inspired by RwandaKiri, minus the politeness, here is my response to a shabby little piece by yet another nay-saying caucasian writer, Pete Jones, who has issued a damp bus ticket of a rebuttal to Andrew Wallis’ smart and deeply researched analysis of the DRC crisis. (Wallis’ pieces are here and here).


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