Negationist Website Leaks US copy of #Hege’s Discredited #DRC Report #Rwanda

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November 14, 2012 by soniauwimana

A Belgium-based blog favored by negationists and genocide deniers has obtained and leaked a copy of the final report by Steve Hege on the DRC, including his now familiar litany of Rwanda-bashing lies.

Interestingly, Jambonews — a mainly French language blog put together by a collection of 2nd generation genocidaires — hasn’t bothered to remove the watermark that reveals the source of the leak: the United States.

What does this tell us, apart from the fact that someone at the US UN mission will be looking for alternative work shortly?

It tells us that the US has seen the final report and, as I indicated this morning, the extent of their proposed action is to sanction Sultani Makenga. The US Treasury announcement, as reported, makes no mention of Hege’s silly little report.


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