If any more proof were needed that #Hege’s #Rwanda-bashing report were dead and buried, this is it…


November 27, 2012 by soniauwimana

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last time the New York Times’ Jeffrey Gettleman got a front page covering the Great Lakes region, it took the form of the most ridiculous fabrication in living memory: the absurd “exclusive” that presented the Iwawa youth rehabilitation center as some kind of secret island prison.  It was among the most disgraceful pieces of “journalism” on Rwanda I have ever seen and, boy, that is saying something.

So, Gettleman is no friend of Rwanda — but he is, for whatever reason, the gold standard when it comes to Africa-based foreign correspondents (a good reason to oppose a return to the gold standard).

Josh Kron, Tristan McConnell, Jonny “Handful” Hogg all want to be Jeffrey Gettleman when they grow up. Tragically for these boy scouts and others like them, by that time that happens, the idea of 24-year old white lads telling the world what to think of Africa will seem as comically outdated as using dots and dashes to communicate long-distance, or treating the plague with leeches.

But Gettleman got a front page today on the DRC conflict that, intriguingly, failed to mention Steve Hege’s Group of (so-called) Experts report even once. In fact, his obligatory dissing of Rwanda came down to a general assertion that people think Kigali is involved in M23, Kigali denies it, I don’t have any specific proof otherwise, but, hey, come on, who believes Kigali?

This article signals the end of Hege’s utility as a political battering ram for Rwanda’s enemies in the media and elsewhere.  His mendacious effort had long lost its luster among diplomats and political decision-makers but when Gettleman — of all people —  declines to even refer to it in a front-page NYT piece, you can put a fork in it: it’s done.


3 thoughts on “If any more proof were needed that #Hege’s #Rwanda-bashing report were dead and buried, this is it…

  1. Mwene Kalinda says:

    Hege was always nothing more than a disposable, single-use tool; a pilot fish, never the shark, no matter his pro-FDLR sentiments and jumped up status as chief of the UN Group of Experts. You can be sure that those who put him in a position where he could be instrumental in giving their anti-Rwanda campaign some legs, in other words, those who have been pulling his strings from behind the curtain, are already putting finishing touches to their new schemes to replace the one that is become threadbare, and you can also be sure they have their next puppet(s) – willing puppets, it must be admitted – lined up for the big stage. These people are nothing if not persistent. Big bucks are at stake. Which explains why, under the radar, there is a coalition of Big Mining interests from various major countries, Big Human Rights enterprises, Big Media, etc to push back against those who would pull the DRC out of its ongoing mire of failed-state condition, as an effective government in the Congo would doubtlessly take away their current freedom to do as they please with her natural resources which they now exploit without having to render any account to anyone – just a few bribes here and there to senior Congolese officials. For the senior executives of these extremely amoral organizations, the local populations, whose basic right to life, peace, security and a measure of social progress are negatively affected by their single-minded pursuit of mercantile goals, mean absolutely nothing. Their mindset and the calculus is the same as that which enabled them to leave a million Tutsi to be exterminated with absolutely no remorse. The supreme irony is that this coalition, through their total control of the dominant global media and their capture of UN processes, have managed to clothe their self-serving campaign in the rhetoric of human rights when their goals are the very anti-thesis of those rights; at least as far as those of the local populations are concerned. But their rhetoric on human rights is as sincere as that of Napoleon and his fellow pigs in Animal Farm promoting the rights of their non-pig animal companions: pure fakery.

    • Lambert says:

      Mwene Kalinda, I don’t know you, but I have been following your comments here and on NanoJV. I totally agree with you. People’s eyes should be opened to clearly see what is at stake. Keep it up, you, Sonia and the likes

  2. Reblogged this on Kanuma1973's Blog and commented:
    A great piece worth re-blogging. Thx Sonia!

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