#Hege cites “RDF-like uniforms” as final proof that #Rwanda (and #Uganda) are in #DRC


November 30, 2012 by soniauwimana

If monomaniacal relentlessness were a commendable quality and not the sign of a troubled mind, I would find much to commend in Steve Hege, coordinator of the now-infamous #Rwanda-bashing Group of (so-called) Experts.

On the last day of his mandate, he has released YET ANOTHER update, at the request of precisely no-one, despite the fact the Group has not been in the field since early October.  As you see below, he admits his new report is based entirely on “many of its sources throughout the ongoing escalation of the crisis of the Great Lakes region”.  In other words: this is the latest we’ve heard from DRC military and intelligence along with those mysterious “local leaders” which readers of Hege have come to understand are mere reflections of his id (in the case of Jason Stearns, this role is usually played by unnamed diplomats).

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 7.33.32 PM


I will not leak the full report.  I wouldn’t want to take up valuable Internet space that could be better used showing videos of kittens falling asleep.  Here, though, are the highlights.

  • The fall of Goma was planned for months, mainly in Uganda.
  • The uniforms used by M23 rebels appear to be made from a fabric similar to that used in Rwanda.
  • ‘Local leaders’ “saw” thousands of “Rwandan troops” crossing into DRC.
  • Night-vision goggles only exist in Rwanda and therefore their use by M23 is irrefutable evidence of Kigali’s complicity.
  • Senior FARDC officials confirm once again that James Kaberebe is in charge of everything up to and including the weather and the Powerball numbers.

The major new howler of this predictably lame effort is the “RDF-like uniforms” claim”:

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 7.48.41 PM






6 thoughts on “#Hege cites “RDF-like uniforms” as final proof that #Rwanda (and #Uganda) are in #DRC

  1. Mwene Kalinda says:

    Dear Sonia,
    The reason he can do this and not be laughed off the stage is that his shoddy fabrications are exactly what his masters want, fully knowing them to be false but in line with the story-line they have themselves set. All you need to do is browse through the Western media to see how completely implausible and risible stories are being reproduced with not a single attempt at scrutiny as long as they cast Rwanda as a villain of the piece.

    In future, when we cast a retrospective glance to try and establish when the over-rated reputation for objectivity and professionalism of the Western media finally began its irreversible deconstruction in the developing world and Africa in particular, we may come to the realization that their “reporting” of the current intra-Congolese conflict and their mindless regurgitation of such laughably inane HRW talking-points was the moment the hitherto dominant Western media self-destructed. The frequent eruptions of media scandals, such as the recent one in which the BBC was found to have hushed up paedophile scandals involving one of their stars while trashing the reputation of a more honest man, or the dramatic implosion of the House of Murdoch, will not have helped a once all-powerful Fourth Estate.

    Hege is nothing more than a jumped-up puppet in a well-tested information-intelligence campaign to bring Rwanda (and to a lesser extent Uganda) to heel. We can guess at the real authors, but they are keeping out of the limelight even though they give the orders which the Western media follow in perfect lockstep. It is why he can come up with such utter unalloyed rubbish and the Western media will still give it full uncritical play as if it was from an unimpeachable source, rather than a self-outed genocidaires sympathizer. Which brings us to a final and most critical point: watching these thoroughly amoral fellows at “work” allows us to better understand how they could stand by and let a genocide to take place or even actively abet it. It helps us to understand how Mitterrand could say that in a country like ours genocide isn’t any great deal without his Western brethren finding anything to condemn in such a statement. Rwandans need to keep this in mind at all times and understand that in this uncaring world, we are completely on our own, just as we were 18 years ago.

  2. Peter de Mambla says:

    “Rwandans need to keep this in mind at all times and understand that in this uncaring world, we are completely on our own, just as we were 18 years ago.”

    Rwanda needs to make judicious alliances. The BRICS could become the BRRICS! Sure, Rwanda is small, but South Africa isn’t in the grouping because of its economic or military might.
    South Africa is in the grouping because of its representative value.

    So what representative value does Rwanda have? It is increasingly being seen by those around it, particularly youth full of hope, as a city on a hill, a source of inspiration. Conversely, it is seen as a threat to those shifting in their chairs uncomfortably concerned over their ability to control this fly-speck that buzzes around defiantly.

    Does the alternative world order, the one that advocates multilateral cooperation rather than unipolar dominance, see a threat in Rwanda’s rise and the story it inspires for those around it? No. So perhaps Rwanda needs to make the appropriate realignments in relationships and partnerships. Besides, it’s not like it has any other choice.

  3. rwanyonga says:

    that is true MWene Kalinda

    i really don’t get why we focus so much on Hege …this is not about Hege hatred against Rwanda, it is not even about Rwanda alleged support to M23 no it is not, Hege accused Rwanda to help M23, he also in the same report accused DRC to help FDRL ……

    but guess what UK used this report to cut Rwanda aid at the same time it increased DRC aid, despite that Rwanda is most efficient using aid and DRC is the least efficient , despite that FDRL kill and rapes while M23 is disciplined , it is on the record catching cities without bullet with minimum of collateral damages. and Rwanda provided a detailed rebuttal to the report, DRC didn’t even care rebutting the report. what it is the message here? it is not about FDRL, M23, Hege, human right, no it is not that ……it is something else bigger. so the answer is only to approach them and ask them frankly what they really want the rest is just a waist of time. i don’t even think this is about Ntaganda, Ntaganda is also a pawn in the wider game

  4. rwanyonga says:

    by not passing my comments, you risk to loose one member of your extremely small audience ….

  5. Richard Kalinda says:

    Hege doesn’t like Rwanda for some reasons only known to him. However, let’s think the unthinkable: sensing our anger & annoyance over the accusations against our country in regard to M23 saga in the last 6months or so, if we were to be proved factually wrong and find out in end that Generals Kagarebe, Nziza, Kayonga, Ruvusha and others were truly behind that stupid rebellion, I bet the whole Kigali will descend on the streets and demand that they are striped of their military ranks and sent to the Hague for all the deception they caused! I bet it will lead to a revolution in Rwanda. THINK ABOUT IT MR Hege: why all those fabrications?

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