Steve #Hege cries like a baby and lies like a teenager #Rwanda #DRC


January 17, 2013 by soniauwimana

rbby_92Steve Hege, what a wailing man-child.

This interview at the Global Observatory has to be read to be believed.

Let me respond directly to him:


There is not a soul alive who feels more strongly about you — and not in a good way — than me.

I regard your appointment as GoE coordinator as a travesty — and your work in that role as lazy, biased, laughably inaccurate and profoundly malicious.  You are a smug know-it-all, a terrible writer and, if YouTube is any guide, an insufferable bore.  But does thinking you’re an out your depth douchebag rise to the level of character assassination?  

In your painful-to-read interview with The Global Observatory (a decent candidate for the most pompously-named website in human history) you claim repeatedly to have had your character assassinated by “Rwanda” and you refer specifically to “blog posts” as evidence.  Since the government of Rwanda has not published any post that remotely “assassinates” your “character”, I can only assume you mean me, among others.  But, Steve: I am not “Rwanda”, and nor is Albert R., and nor is that “Israeli security expert” about whom you are suspiciously obsessed.  Are individuals like us not entitled to “attack” you if we fundamentally object to your work product, especially since your attacks on Rwanda through the GoE have led to aid cuts that, in turn, threaten to adversely impacts the lives of thousands of my fellow countryman?   Are your feelings so important — are you, Steve Hege, really so important — that any criticism of you warrants the term “assassination” even if we had said half the things you claim we did, which we didn’t?

Who mentioned anything about an ex-wife?  Who called you a genocide denier?  “Rwanda” didn’t.  I know I didn’t, and I would be shocked and disappointed if anyone said nastier things about you than me.  I believe you have imagined yourself into a state of martyrdom.

Put it this way: if you were to take me to task on the blogosphere, call me names and question my motives, I would not blame this on “America” and, if I did, people would rightly conclude that I was suffering from severe delusions of grandeur.  Is it not then fair to say that your insistence on conflating any criticism from a Rwandan with “Rwanda” is just a tiny, little bit self-aggrandizing and, you know, rhymes with ‘bassist’?

Another thing: how is Rwanda hiring a law firm to challenge questionable UN processes evidence of your character being assassinated? Why can’t you accept that no-one in their right mind accepts your version of the Understanding the FDLR fact-sheet?  Do you not grant us the right to our own critical faculties?

Oh, a final point:  why, oh why, oh why, do you keep lying about the circumstances of the GoE’s so-called consultation with Rwanda? You would feel better, believe me, if you just took a deep breath and admitted that, in a mad scramble to vilify Rwanda, you failed in your responsibility to consult adequately with Kigali. Confession heals.  At the very least, it might help you comes across as less whiny, defensive, belligerent and pathetic.  






One thought on “Steve #Hege cries like a baby and lies like a teenager #Rwanda #DRC

  1. Mwene Kalinda says:

    You really must have the patience of Job to attempt to engage with this wannabe Little Lord Fauntleroy; someone who I don’t know by what strange alchemy has been catapulted by dark forces in New York into a position of great consequence where he could pronounce on what he thinks should be the fate of nations. His delusional sense of reverse victimhood by those defending themselves from his venomous attacks would be hilarious if it wasn’t a symptom of a seriously deranged mind. Frankly, as far as I am concerned he really resembles the genocidaires for whom he has expressed so much sympathy: they also claim they massacred to avoid being killed themselves. No matter the evil either does, they seem to have an inexhaustible capacity to convince themselves always they are the real victims.

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