Why can’t @JasonKStearns bring himself to accept the success of regional peace initiative? #DRC #Rwanda


February 16, 2013 by soniauwimana

Jason, Jason, Jason:

Believe me when I say this: I do not mean to be mean.  You are not a military age radicalized Yemeni male, and I am not a drone.  I am not out to get you.

But your conduct does not merely invite regular criticism, it demands it.

Your latest blog post, which is generally a fairly anodyne summary of already reported news, explains in the penultimate paragraph that the reason for reduced political urgency around the eastern DRC is that:

…donor attention has wavered substantially since November with Syria, North Korea, and Mali competing for attention.

For a man as clever as you, this argument is beneath you.  Despite your movie star looks and stellar reputation among caucasian Congophiles, it demonsrates you are as prone to self-serving cognitive defense mechanisms as the rest of us.

So, to review, Jason:  the reduced heat around the M23 crisis is due to international attention being drawn to the civil conflict in Syria, even though the latter predates the former by more than a year?  Or North Korea, which has been a broiling foreign policy challenge for longer than our lifetimes? 

This is patent nonsense, but you need to create an argument that explains the relative stability in the eastern DRC that gives zero credit to the peace process overseen by the ICGLR.  Or the ceasefire that has held firm for many months, long before Mali. Why?  Because you have invested so heavily in the failure of the Kampala process.

Unwillingness to accept you are wrong is a flaw, but it is a common one.  What is more disappointing is the transparent silliness you have resorted to in the process.


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