Simon Tisdall’s of the @Guardian’s bizarre, angry, abusive tirade continues #DRC #Rwanda


February 21, 2013 by soniauwimana

Simon Tisdall's of the @Guardian's bizarre, angry, abusive tirade continues #DRC #Rwanda

What an angry man this Tisdall is. According to him, I have no right to comment on the region because, unlike him, I have not been in Bukavu or Goma in recent times. Yes, that’s right: he is wiser to what’s going on than any stupid black chick living in the comfort of Nairobi or Kigali. What a strange point of view. He then berates me for not wanting to “make a difference” when faulting Western journalists like him for resorting to dated ethnic/tribal-based narratives is exactly the kind of difference I want to make. He also calls me humorless, repeatedly, which I guess is because I don’t find the racial stereotyping of his previous email amusing. If that means I have no sense of humor, then I happily concede that I have no sense of humor. It was as funny as malaria. One of his bosses needs to give this dude a call.


One thought on “Simon Tisdall’s of the @Guardian’s bizarre, angry, abusive tirade continues #DRC #Rwanda

  1. Mwene Kalinda says:

    The problem, unfortunately, is not just Tisdall; it permeates the entire British – nay, Western – media, and is institutional. We do not require another Sir William Macpherson Commission to tell us that, as with the police, the UK media is “institutionally racist”. Black Britons needed no one to tell them that; they lived the effects on a daily basis, even before Stephen Lawrence. Nor do we need anyone to tell us about the institutional contempt for Africa and Africans held by the Western media and their flagship organisations, such as The Guardian; we read their undisguised take on us regularly, and it ain’t pretty.

    But you are right to continue to call them out and tell them what you too think of them. From his shrill response to your minor criticism of his attitude, it is clear you touched a very raw nerve. As for me, not being one who takes very unkindly to being insulted, I no longer read the likes of Tisdall or the other Guardian “journalist” who writes about the environment, Christopher something or other. He is supposedly also a professor of something or other. He wrote an anti-Rwanda diatribe many years ago and the The Guardian refused to publish a response correcting correcting the many factual errors in his piece and setting the record right.

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