Why would the news media use Lambert Mende as a source? The answer is obvious (and sad) #DRC #Rwanda

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March 18, 2013 by soniauwimana


DRC Government spokesman, Lambert Mende (pictured), is laughable — literally.  People laugh at him — and about him — all the time. 

His propensity for exaggeration and outright dishonesty is the stuff of legend. And comedy.

Journalists in the region know this more than most because Mende lies to them constantly, shamelessly.

And yet they use his word as justification for reporting that Bosco Ntaganda is in Rwanda.  

The word of Lambert Mende!

Why would a news outlet publish a story based on the account of an irredeemable liar, a notorious clown?

The answer is obvious:  they want it to be true.




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